General Dentistry

We at Lifestyle Dentistry believe that general dentistry is a core value to our patients.  Comprehensive and preventative care is a key component in our practice philosophy. You and your family deserve a team that approaches your oral health with the quality and care that we would provide to our family. From children through to grandparents, the team at Lifestyle Dentistry is here to provide all facets of dentistry.



At Lifestyle Dentistry our team of hygienists will work with you to put together a program that ensures not only a bright clean smile, but that focuses on preventing gum disease which in turn will benefit your overall health. Regular visits with your hygienist will also enable you to ask questions regarding your home care, educate you on the newest procedures available in dentistry as well as detect problems before they happen and screen for such things as oral cancer.

Your visit with your dental hygienist is more than “just a cleaning”.



Our team at Lifestyle Dentistry believes that orthodontic treatment is more than just straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be used to correct bad bites known as malocclusion, skeletal growth problems, snoring and/or sleep apnea, and, of course, crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment is not only for children; Our team has many different treatment options available to adults including clear braces and Invisalign. At Lifestyle Dentistry we believe that early interceptive treatment can help young patients develop a better bite, avoid tooth loss, and possibly avoid braces in the future.


Cosmetic Dentistry

While one of our main tenants of our treatment philosophy is general dental care, we do enjoy helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams. All our dentists and team members at Lifestyle Dentistry have extensive training in cosmetic procedures such as crowns, veneers, and dental implants. If you are missing teeth, have chipped or cracked teeth, or would like to enhance your smile, let one of our highly trained dentists help you achieve the functional and aesthetic smoke that you deserve. Visit our smile gallery to view before and after photos from actual patients.


Preventive Dentistry

Here at Lifestyle Dentistry, we believe in taking care of problems when they are small.  We regularly check your teeth to ensure they are always healthy.  A healthy mouth means fewer other problems throughout your entire body.   Treating the problems before they becomes a big ones means a less invasive treatment that usually costs you a lot less.  It also means a better chance of saving your teeth.  If you would like to avoid big problems, let our highly trained team do regular check-ups to maintain a healthy body and mouth.


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