Oral Surgery


Oral surgery can involve different types of surgical procedures that are associated with the teeth, jaw bones and gums. Many common surgical procedures can be done in-office including:

Extractions(including extractions of wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and heavily fractured teeth.)

Bone grafting/Socket preservation (placing synthetic bone into area where a tooth was extracted. This is usually done in order to provide adequate space for an implant.)

Crown lengthening (removing bone around a tooth in order to expose more tooth structure. This is usually done to properly fit a dental crown or large restoration onto a tooth.)

Implants (See Implant tab.)


At Lifestyle Dentistry, your comfort is our number one concern. The thought of requiring oral surgery can often cause anxiety, fear or stress. We offer a variety of sedation methods in-office to ensure your oral surgery visit at Lifestyle Dentistry is relaxed, pain-free and stress-free.


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