Metal Free Restorations


Teeth that have a mild to moderate amount of decay or fractures are often treated by removing the decayed or fractured portion of tooth and placing a restoration (filling).

In the past and still today, amalgam (silver) restorations were used to treat these teeth. However the dental field has evolved and we have learned that this amalgam material contains levels of mercury which is released in to your body as you bite and chew and can be hazardous to your health. Also amalgam cannot be bonded directly to the tooth which means more tooth then necessary is removed to create retention.


At Lifestyle Dentistry, all of our restorations are metal free! We use a composite resin material which we can customize with the colour of your natural teeth. These composite materials are just as effective as amalgam restorations can be bonded directly to the tooth, which means only the decayed or fractured portion of tooth is removed.

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