Gum Therapy


When we say gum therapy we are talking about the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth.

The gum tissue plays an important role in the health of your mouth, plaque and bacteria can easily get under the tissue which causes it to swell and cause infection.


If healthy gum tissues become swollen and or irritated in localized areas we usually refer to this as gingivitis. If the gums are red, bulbous and inflamed with deep pockets in the gum tissue this could be referred to as periodontitis.


Our Dentists and the dental Hygienists will all assess the gathered information and move forward with a treatment plan.


The goal is to remove the bacteria and irritation from the gum tissue, using electric scalars, hand scales, and laser therapy if needed.


The overall outcome is to have the gum tissue a nice firm pink color, with no bleeding.


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