Let's talk Xerostomia

written by: Bonnie, April 2016

Let's talk Xerostomia(aka Chronic Dry Mouth) Many people can suffer from some form of dry mouth and are not sure why. Some people get dry mouths from time to time. This is not necessarily Xerostomia. It might be caused by nervousness, dehydration or even a simple cold. What I want to let you know about is a continuous Chronic Dry Mouth.(Xerostomia) There are numerous causes for this condition.


1) Medications(Rx or OTC) are a prime example for the cause of this condition. There are over 400 medications that can cause Chronic Dry Mouth and many of us are taking some sort of medication. Even though these medications help with our health it can have an adverse affect on our oral health.


2) There are also some diseases that can cause Xerostomia. These can include autoimmune disorders, psychological disorders, alcoholism, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and cancer with treatments.


3) Smoking and mouth breathing can also contribute to this condition.


When the mouth is extremely dry it is difficult to keep it clean as saliva is necessary to naturally clean the mouth and teeth from food particles and sugars that can stick and cause decay and gum disease. Some cases of Xerostomia can also cause painful mouth sores, redness and inflammation of tissues in the mouth. This can also cause extremely bad halitosis which we are all concerned about.


Here is a list of some remedies that can help:

1 See your hygienist every 3-4 months to keep your mouth scaled to remove the plaque and bacteria your brushing and flossing can’t reach

2 Brush and floss after each time you eat

3 Rinsing and/or drinking water throughout the day to keep the mouth moist

4 Use a fluoride rinse daily or weekly to strengthen enamel

5 There are also rinses, toothpastes, sprays and gum like biotene that can help alleviate this condition


Your dental care provider can help you determine if you suffer from Xerostomia or if it is just the occasional case of dry mouth.



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