Dentures or false teeth are prosthetics made to replace missing teeth.  Lost teeth can be caused by traumatic injury, gum disease or bad decay. It is important to replace missing teeth for aesthetics, function (ability to bite and chew) as well as to avoid over-eruption and/or shifting of the remaining teeth. Dentures are designed to be both functional and comfortable. Dentures are removable for cleaning and care. A complete denture replaces the entire dentition in those people who are missing all of their teeth. A partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth in those people who have some remaining natural teeth.


Fabricating a new denture takes several appointments. Our Doctors work closely with a dental laboratory to fabricate dentures.


Over time the tissues in the mouth go through changes. As a denture wearer, part of the regular maintenance of dentures is the occasional reline to ensure proper fit. A denture reline fills the area between the denture and the gum tissues. When a denture is newly fabricated for the removal of a tooth or teeth, a denture reline will be necessary several months following the removal as healing has occurred and the tissues will typically recede. Following this, relines are recommended approximately every 3 years.


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