A bridge is a fixed option to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Spaces or gaps left by missing teeth eventually cause the teeth in the area to shift, rotate, tip or over-erupt resulting in a unbalanced bite.  The results of the movement of the teeth can cause gum problems (gum disease) and TMJ disorders.  To create a bridge, teeth adjacent to the “gap” are prepared for crowns.  These crowns are considered abutments and help anchor the bridge.  The replacement tooth (teeth) is called a pontic and is attached to the abutment crowns on the adjacent teeth.  For best outcomes, teeth on either side of the space are used to support the fixed bridge. Before either a crown or a bridge can be made, the neighbouring teeth must be reduced to accommodate the porcelain thickness of the bridge, so as to best fit the bite.  After reducing the tooth/teeth, our dentists will take an impression to provide an exact mold for the crown or bridge. At Lifestyle Dentistry, our dentists work with a dental lab to ensure your bridge will ideally harmonize with the rest of your teeth in regards to shape, shade and size.  A bridge typically takes 2 weeks to be fabricated.  During this time, a temporary bridge or crowns will be fabricated to protect the prepared teeth while the permanent bridge is being fabricated. Once completed, the temporaries will be removed and the new bridge is bonded to your teeth.


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